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I like to create video stories. An event, a person or an object is not a story until you ask questions. A story is hidden under those things we take for granted. Here are a few examples of videos I produced, filmed and edited. Often, the intitial story idea comes in the form of, "You should do a story about this amazing student from Africa," or "Somebody at the museum says great things about a portrait of Washington." 

Sometimes the challenge is to tell the story of a community: the video to the right tells the stories of the Asian and Asian-American community at Princeton. It involved interviewing 30 people, writing and recording a voiceover and editing a cohesive story from over 15 hours of footage, hundreds of archival materials and choosing the right music.

Without relationships there can be no stories. What I produce does not happen in a vacuum.

I depend on the relationships I build with people to find and have access to interesting things that can be interpreted into video stories. With the museum's trust, I was able to film in the galleries and shed light on the Director's curatorial vision through interviews and examples.



Animating objects can add life to a video, whether it is adding levity to otherwise still pictures by having a Fall leaf give a tour around campus, or by manipulating Michelangelo drawings to make points in a book trailer.


All animation was done by me in these videos.

There is an art to editing. I believe that behind every choice is a reason: to set a tone, influence the viewer, keep one's attention.


The two videos on the right were edited by me, and filmed by others. One, a documentary, and the other, test footage using a Canon C300 camera.


As an Artist in Residence at Beth Israel Hospital in New York, I was able to create a video artwork, but also a fundraising video below.

Editing and Art


Photography taught me a lot about storytelling. I have shown my work in New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Rome, Italy. In addition to showing in gallery spaces, I had the great experience of being an Artist in Residence at Beth Israel Hospital in New York. Highlights can be seen by clicking on the images.

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Video Producer/Editor


Final Cut Pro // Premiere



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